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Faculty Project

Faculty Project

The Faculty Profile Pages

The faculty profile pages are pages that allow the user to login or sign up faculty members, by connecting to a database. The database table makes use of sessions and the information stored to keep track of faculty's information. There are several pages involved in the site that each have a different purpose.

fac_update.php This page allows the faculty member to update their information stored in the database table, by accessing the session ID of the current user and placing the information into the corresponding input boxes. The member can also update their information and upload a photo.

fac_upload.php Script that uploads a photo selected from the browse box to the web server. It creats a directory by accessing the current session id and getting the members first and last name from the database table to create a folder on the server.

process_fac_login.php This script checks the user submitted data from the input from against the list in the database and either allows the user to connect if it finds the user, or deny access if it does not.

process_facinfo.php This script allows someone to be added to the Faculty database, by entering their first and last name along with a user ID and password. It also checks to makes sure that the current ID and password is not already taken.

view_all_fac_info.php This script shows all the users information in a table by accessing the database and retrieving all the information from the database table excluding the password and displays it in a nice html table layout.

view_fac_list.php This script pulls a list of all the users in the database table an displays a list of their first and last name. Also the menu only has links to current members with the corresponding letters in their last name.

view_fac_webpage.php Allows the user to view their information by accessing the database and using the session ID the script will pull the current users information and display it in a nice table.

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